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Made by WOOOD

A collection of tough, contemporary and attractive home products. With WOOOD you give an interior or room a challenging look again! Characteristic for the collection of WOOOD is the Dutch craftsmanship in combination with pure materials and - not unimportantly - a unique design. Part of the furniture of WOOOD is produced in our own factory in Zwaagdijk, North Holland. It couldn't be more Dutch, could it?

At WOOOD we mainly work with solid pine and oak. This wood is FSC certified and comes from forests where the material is used in a sustainable way. We also take a critical look at the responsible processing, packaging and transport of the items. WOOOD also has an exclusive line available. The name says it all: WOOOD Exclusive. This new collection has just a little more guts and is more detailed. These special items give your interior an exciting effect and are easy to combine with the basic, contemporary and attractive home furnishings of the brand WOOOD.

The brand WOOOD is part of De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture - more than 40 years of experience in the design, production and distribution of DHZ furniture.