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Wood never runs out! Thanks to sustainably managed forests, wood is the only material that never runs out and is the most environmentally friendly raw material. We have been using FSC® certified wood at WOOOD for more than 20 years. The International FSC-label ensures that raw materials for wooden products are being sourced from responsibly managed forests. Responsible forest management means protecting the habitat of plants and animals and respecting the rights of the local population and forest workers. A well-managed forest runs less risk of being cut down for other purposes, such as the establishment of palm oil or soya plantations and mining. By choosing FSC-certified wood, and therefore sustainable wood, you ensure that deforestation is combated. That’s why the FSC slogan is: forests for all, forever.

Did you know a large part of our articles are flat-packed and can easily be assembled at home. These kits are assembled as efficiently as possible in our drawing office. We are currently working on a sustainable replacement for Styrofoam for protection and as a buffer material to protect the furniture components in the packages as well as possible and in a responsible manner. We find the preservation of nature and responsible forest management crucial and generates conscious decisions. We continuously ask ourselves: how can we be more sustainable?

Are you curious about the story behind our items? We would like to tell you all about it! Did you know that most of our collection is produced in our own factory in the Netherlands? We tell you more about these items, because the certified wood that we use can be traced back to the forest.
  1. All our wood is sourced from FSC® certified forests
  2. For every tree which felled, a new tree is replanted
  3. The quality of the wood is guaranteed in our own factory in Holland
  4. The wooden panels are processed in our furniture factory
  5. Assembly of the furniture is made as easy as possible for the end user
  6. A water-based paints and/or lacquers are used to finish the furniture
  7. We pack our furniture as compactly as possible so that we can deliver the furniture as efficiently as possible
  8. A sustainable choice for years of home enjoyment